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Simec AG [web] is an independent laboratory located in Switzerland. As a private service, Simec AG conducts chemical and microbiological analyses under EN 17025 and GMP.

Each report has an individual number and all results are verifiable. E.g. if you would like to verify this PHARMAMIX 2 lab test, contact Simec AG and and request an authenticity check for the report C42304. The number is located on the upper right corner of the test report page. The authenticity verification request is identical for any other products of ours tested at Simec AG.

Some photos from Arnold Classic 2016 Brazil.
Seems like Pharmacom is pretty popular in South America too...

Arkadiy Velichko - Pharmacom Team - Arnold Classic Europe 2015 Champion.
IFBB PRO card also received for this title.





This 3 days seminar was the first experience of this nature for us and we managed to bring more than 100 people together. Never before in our region so many pro athletes from our team gathered in one place and shared their experiences with other visitors. The entrance was free and press was also invited so it was a really big event of this kind. We'll make sure to arrange several meetings of this kind each year.

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We have recently seen a poorly made copy of Pharmacom Labs from Latin America but this time it's from UK so most probably they already hit the US and EU market.

One of our bulk customers in UK has been offered by a third-side supplier allegedly original Pharmacom Labs products. He has been offered samples and made photos for us.
This time an extremely precise counterfeit of our products. Very few would be able to find differences. Here are some of the photos:

04b8cf6865f71fb33f5406e4d5b5a82b.jpg [Broken External Image]:https://4-t.imgbox.com/iiuaCCH6.jpg b0fc298bad2f079939682805f30420f7.jpg 983775e06183deb851f106ed637f821c.jpg
Also, their packaging is badass!!!!

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Just placed an order with European Pharmaceuticals, so far communication has been excellent, response time to my email was less than 5 minutes, I am completely blown away at how fast the pharmacist replied back. Will keep everyone updated throughout the entire process.
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