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Since I'm adding some great people to BRP just want memebers to know ZILLAGRAYBEARD is top dog,so any problems he the man
Mark and Dr Z are reps and here to help with all ur needs ,each one has direct contact with me at all time
I want BRP customer service to be the very best,and our products to be the very best so I'm making a kick ass team to make sure of it for all customers .
Deca Durabolin has a healing and soothing effect on joints, ligaments, and bone, but how exactly does it accomplish this?

Deca has been anecdotally known to reduce joint pain. Many state that this is likely caused from water retention in the joint but in reality no one really knows the mechanisms involved in Deca reducing joint pain, or its impacts on healing for that matter. I will attempt to answer Deca's joint pain relief abilities a bit better than most out there and base it on documented research and my own personal experience.

I will not go into a description of Deca or how to cycle it but what I will cover is a bit of joint basics. The joint must be looked at as a complex unit but mainly, we can focus on tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage. Most lay-person discussions out there focus on what they feel Deca does to their tendons. This is actually incorrect when it comes to joint pain for 2 reasons. First, tendons as well as ligaments make up a joint but ligaments mainly maintain control of correct joint tracking. Second, most pain radiates from a specific area called the periosteum, or lining of the bone. The Periosteum is what tendons and ligaments attach to and it contains significant nerve endings, making it sensitive to manipulation. Tendons and ligaments themselves do not have nerves so they, in fact, are not specifically the cause of pain. Cartilage can also play a role in pain generation but these mechanisms involved are complex and essentially unknown to the medical world so it will not be dealt with here.

Having this background, let's talk about some ways Deca benefits our joints. Simplistically, Deca has been shown extensively to increase bone density and collagen production with collagen making up a major portion of tendons and ligaments. I say simplistically because other AAS', such as Stanozolol, will also increase collagen production but seems to have a different impact on our joints. Although bone density and collagen...
Welcome to our team Dr. z happy and proud to have you on board my brother!!
Thanks for taking the job M I feel very lucky to have you on the team .so congratulations and thank you ,I know you will help BRP grow and with your honesty , knowledge,and dedication I know your gonna be great.
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I can tell u guys I have had my wife on a low dose of test cyp for 3 years ,it's a life and marriage saver,she is not depressed any more ,happy,and sex drive is back .got her off the zoloft because of test .I swear it saved her life,she was so depressed before I put her on test I was scared I was gonna lose her to depression forever test saved our 16 year relationship.

Doctors say giving women testosterone could give them energy & health

Women suffering from a loss of sexual desire should be offered testosterone on the NHS, a doctor has suggested.

Nick Panay, from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told a GPs' conference that it could also improve women's energy and mood.

But he said there were no licensed testosterone products for women, who need much lower doses then men.

Around one in three women is affected by the condition at some stage in their lives.

Mr Panay, consultant gynaecologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said there was a need to tell women about the potential benefits of testosterone.

He told the Royal College of GPs' conference in Harrogate: "We're not saying that female androgen replacement is a universal panacea.

"We're not saying it is a female Viagra. Women are, after all, much more complex creatures than men (and do not respond) to the on/off button that Viagra offers.

"But I think that it should be part of the counselling process."

Marathon woman

He said he believed testosterone should be made available to all women who could benefit. Loss of libido affects 15% of menopausal women.

The medical term for the condition is hypoactive sexual desire disorder, which can also be caused by medical or mental health problems, hormonal factors and relationship issues.

He said patients who had taken testosterone had reported huge increases in their mood, energy, muscle strength and stamina.

Mr Panay said: "They go from feeling...
I wanted to touch base on a very Controversial Subject...... "Bloods" "Lab Testing" the usual Questions you see on forums, the Controversial "PROOF" That the product your recieving is what you expect it to be....

Proof...... Well.... Here We Go!

The Majority of us on the Boards are aware of Blood Testing, Product Testing...... ect.....ect.

there's the Infamous "LabMax", "Privatemdlabs", "MedLinePlus".... ect, you get it.

so on that note..... We have a Forum Member Decided to get Blood Testing done using Sustanon 300mg, Results come back and there"LOW" ......First thing Heard is " This is Under Dosed"...... Chances are if the test was done 2 days earlier or 2 days later it may of been HIGHER...... or even LOWER!

The number one Factore we dont pay Attention to is then we get blood testing done to get a TRUE READING ON TESTOSTERONE IS TO USE A SINGLE ESTER PRODUCT!!!! You will not get a true reading if you use let's say Sustanon, Omnadren or Andropen. Why? Because of the Ester Carbons ( Multiple) Content arrangement in the Product, From a Quick Ester to a long Ester. to much "Up & Down" as I stated in the "Ester Article". To get a true Reading Testosterone Enanthate is buy far the best 2nd choice would be Testosterone Cypionate.

Now we have touched base on basic testing... local testing.

HPLC Testing..... now this is the "Proof in the Pudding"


High Performance Liquid Chromatography is used in this Testing. An analytical technique for separating compounds in a sample matrix. Separation is achieved by dissolving the sample in a suitable solvent and injecting it into a stream of solvent called the mobile phase. The mobile phase (and injected sample) is passed through a stationary phase (HPLC column). The compounds exit the column at different times based on the affinity the compounds have for the mobile phase and the stationary phase. Upon exiting the HPLC column they are detected and a signal is obtained electronically....
I drink a casin shake every night for past 20 years

Mercola also mentions in another video to avoid whey isolate saying that it doesn't get absorbed correctly and can cause damage from build up. I haven't found further information on that yet.

This Fitness Food Helps Improve Your Post-Exercise Recovery

By Dr. Mercola

A recent study looked at the role of protein in modulating post-exercise overnight recovery.

The researchers assessed the impact of protein ingestion immediately prior to sleep on digestion, absorption kinetics, and protein metabolism on 16 healthy young males.

The participants were asked to perform resistance exercises at 8pm in the evening.

At 9pm, all participants ate a recovery meal consisting of 20 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs.

Then, 30 minutes before they went to bed, half of them drank a high-protein beverage. According to the authorsi:

"During sleep casein protein was effectively digested and absorbed resulting in a rapid rise in circulating amino acid levels which were sustained throughout the remainder of the night.

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