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  1. 93F444FD-7E81-4FF2-A6CF-11C630F5C436.jpeg 72101A84-5220-46A0-B1F7-6555151C34DF.jpeg Sooo I wanted to write a quick review on AEL.. I put in a small order to test the waters since it was my first time.. The vendor beast was real coo, answered all my questions, the guy that took my order was coo as well very responsible 100% of the time. It took them 3 days to ship after payment made so I thought that was a little long but not a big deal. Then the damn USPS delayed my delivery so fuck them for making my turn around time longer. I was super pissed about that.. over all AEL was very coo even gave me a first time buyer discount, I received my shyt, happy customer here. I definitely will start ordering all my shyt through them as long as lab blood work comes out OK.. thumbs up to AEL
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