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Home Remedies for Herniated Discs

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Servertech, Feb 24, 2017.

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    But before you know what problem is trickling you down, you cannot help it. Diagnosis on time by the professionals are great at handling majority of herniated disc cases has recommended to see the doctor if any or more of the symptoms persist:

    • You find it difficult to carry heavy items.
    • Regular movements like bending twisting are no longer easy for you.
    • Immense pain is felt while making arms and shoulders movement.
    • You cannot understand the reason behind the numbness in arms, chest and lungs.
    • Experience unbearable pain in buttocks, thighs, legs.

    As per the suggestions of medical experts at Centers of Herniated disc treatment Greenville , it is possible to treat mild pain at home. In severe pain cases of slipped disc patients need to undergo surgery to have a permanent cure though. Read on to learn the home remedies that are tried and tested for years to relieve the slipped disc pain.

    • WALK AROUND- Walking is the lightest aerobic exercise that is advised to do whether in pain or not. Walk on flat surfaces every 2-3 hours for 15 minutes or so. If you experience extreme pain while walking switch to trade mill for cushioning your feet.

    • TAKE PROPER REST- Posture here too is significant. While sleeping you can keep small billow below the knees to lessen the pain. Avoid yourself from sleeping or lying on bed for long in same position.

    • HEAT AND COLD TREATMENT- Use these age old techniques to relieve your pain. Trick is to alternate them every time. It is recommended to use a cold pad for initial 15 days to treat the inflammation and then follow it with heat pads after every 2-3 hours.

    • MASSAGE SESSIONS- Conquer the herniated disc pain with regular massage sessions. They not only relax your muscles but also improve blood circulation to the affected area. A rich supply of oxygen and nutrients will be ensured to the pain area with deep absorption.

    • SEE WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK- Maintain a harmony with your system by feeding it right. Eat and drink in moderation balancing all the nutrients serve great.

    Lastly it originates from a bad posture so do not overlook your mattress. Get yourself new and soft mattress that rightly supports your back, buttocks[​IMG], shoulders and legs.
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