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Laymans guide to steroids #1 2016-11-02


  1. Servertech
    This book has been written after many requests from many trainees, clients and indeed friends simply because they wish to know at least the very basics of steroids in use today.

    The controversies that surround steroids today are blown so much out of proportion by the media, it is laughable in many ways. It is agreed without doubt, that the abuse of ANY drug is not the way to go and also that the young must be guided away as much as possible in the hope that they will ATTEMPT to train without the use of these aids.

    We cannot guarantee that things will go the way we wish them, but we can try. It must be said, however, that it should be left with the individual, whether or not they wish to change and alter the way that they look and not the moralistic crusaders who have never trained in their lives, yet somehow seem to be able to comment on something they know sod all about - berks! Please read on and absorb, at least, some real information on the steroid situation in Britain today.

    Reader, please note that I will eventually get onto a few stacks and also a few of the most popular steroids that are currently available, OR SO I HAVE HEARD - ISH. However I must stress that the stacks that are given have been proven in battle, AND SOME and it is up to the individual to ascertain to which stack will suit them.

    The amounts that will be suggested were well within the limits of the people who used them, they DID NOT ABUSE their recommended dosages, many sought medical advise before, during and after their allotted therapy (mind you many M.D's were as knowledgeable as a rat with a brush up it's arse) in order that their blood pressure etc was constantly monitored. This is your right but many do not find it necessary to go to such lengths, but the chance is open to us all. More on the medical people later.