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I am looking for two VET to try our products, each one will choose 3 bottles from our list, my only request is to write as detailed a log (as possible), and blood tests at the end.
Please write here what product you would like to try.

Ok, proton is getting ridiculous!!!! I'm waiting on emails from people that are
In my contacts mind you! I hit AllMail and poooooofffffff there they are a list of return emails! WTF!
Anyone else having this issue??
Wanna see how everyone works there muscle groups as there go to workout ,so let's start with chest I think we can all learn something new to do threw each other's go to routien.

Here is my ,this always puts some size on me when bulking
Warm ups with fly's for 5 min and or dips get that blood into the muscles so the macros move into place during the working sets
1)dumbells incline press heavy work
5 sets of 6-8
2) dumbbells decline press heavy work
5 sets of 6-8
3)dumbbell pull overs heavy
5 sets of 8-10
4)Smith machine flat press super heavy
3 sets of 6-8
5)incline fly's dumbbells
5 sets of 6-8 heavy as I can go

Then very last body dips till failure Norma?y 15-20 before I give out
I drink a intera during the workout and after
I take slin with a 80 g protien \130 g carb,and 10 g creatine shake

I can notice a body change and strength by the 3-4 workout and I do this routien every 4 days
Normal diet for my bulk
5500 Cal's Ed
400-450 grams of protein Ed
600-700 g carbs Ed
Fats I never tracked I eat a fairly clean diet
Ok all proceeds will go back into our fourm here at AA ,so bid high guys and let's keep AA going forever.bids start at $100.00 and are done in minimum bids of $10 from there.thanks ahead of time for everyone who bids.this auction runs till midnight August 2nd so everyone will have a chance to bid.
3 test e /250
2 test prop
2 deca/ 300
100 D -BOL
And 30 arimidex

So who wants to start the bidding can I hear $100 bucks?
Wanting to know who had purchased BRP, and what are you running? And if you haven't tried it what can Aldo do to help?
This was last september 3 weeks left of cutt cycle to do a expo for a supplement company I represnt
I have guys tell me all the time they don't aspirate! That's crazy I have hit a vein many times and it was very painful and unpleasant results, coughing,dizzy,heat, sweats,and put me on the floor.so I take the 3 seconds every time I pin to aspirate.

What is Aspirating?

What is aspiration? To aspirate is to withdraw fluid with a syringe. More specifically, after inserting the needle, pulling back on the plunger of the syringe for a few seconds to see if the needle is in a blood vessel. Rarely, this will be the case and a bit of blood will fill the syringe. If this happens the needle should be removed, replaced with a new one, and another injection site should be used. And yes, if there is a little blood in your syringe, it is ok to inject it along with your steroid once you have found a different spot, it's your own blood isn't it?

When aspirating, nothing should come back into the syringe if you are in the
right spot. Pulling back on the plunger will create a vacuum in your syringe. The oil cannot expand to fill that space, but any air bubbles in your syringe will. You may notice the tiny bubbles getting bigger and bigger as you pull back. They will return to normal size as you release the plunger. If the air bubbles do not disappear upon releasing the plunger, you have an air leak most likely caused by the needle not being screwed onto the syringe tightly enough, although on very rare occasions, the syringe or needle itself can be defective. Either way, purge the air bubbles out, put a new needle on and try it again.

Do I really need to aspirate? Those who inject without aspirating are taking unnecessary chances. Sweating, nausea, dizziness, severe coughing, breathing difficulties, anaphylactic shock, coma or death can all result from not aspirating. Most of the time, steroid users experience dizziness and coughing fits when they inject into a blood vessel. But you need to be aware of the dangers of neglecting this...