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I just wanted to give a shout out to IFBB and their cut mix. To start this year I was 305 and currently around 265. I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, naroclspssy, cpap and 50mg/day of Ritalin to keep me up so I know all about my size and gear. However instead of fall asleep on a bench, or quitting 15 minutes in or pushing baby weight, low doses allow me to enjoy workouts.

I can say for six week run of cut mix I started at 285 and ended mid 260’s my diet was average and my cardio was mild. Plus what makes me excited about the gear was I only ran 50/eod cause 100 the sleep sides drove me nuts.

Black face is after the run and red is before. I forgot to honestly log pics and this is what I can trace back. They may not look amazing but 20lbs is 20lbs. In short I can say I sweated all day, made a puddle at the gym, crazy strength and loved the gear.

Part to of size routiens

My arm day this always works for bulk or cut I'll use it every other are day

Standing DB curls heavy
4 sets reps 7-8
Rope pull downs heavy as I can move e
6 sets reps 7-10
Singel arm preacher curls
5 sets reps 8-10
Skull krushers crimp bar
7 sets 8-10 reps
Hammer curls db
6 set 8-10 reps
DB kick back ks
5 sets 8-10 reps

Hanging dips weighted untill failure
Just got word from a brother that has been using the BRP Tbol and his word were very plain and simple " Holy Shit". After only a few days, he said he was already feeling it. Cannot wait to start mine soon.
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Smash Through Your Plateau
Let me guess. You've been training your ass off and still stuck with the same freakin weight on the bar month after month? Aren't you sick of never adding any more plates? Here are a few ways you can smash the shit out of that freakin plateau and before you know it you will be back slamming more 45's on the bar than they have in the fuckin gym.

Pre-Exhaustion Training - Prefatiguing a larger muscle with an isolation, single-joint movement so it can be even more exhausted by the compound movements to follow. When you do an exercise like the bench press that works not only the chest, but also smaller muscles, one of the smaller muscles might fail before your chest is fully exhausted. By doing a chest isolation exercise beforehand, you can fatigue your chest so you can do bench presses to chest failure, which is what you want.

Muscle Priority Training - Training your most underdeveloped muscles first, so as to subject it to the maximum possible effort. If you have a weak body-part you want to improve, train it first in your workout, before you begin to fatigue.

Pyramiding - When using multiple sets for a given exercise, doing your first set with less weight for more reps, gradually increasing the weight and decreasing the reps over the remainder of your sets. This allows you to gradually warm up a muscle group, preparing it for the resistance to come in the next set.

Supersets - Working opposing muscle groups in back-to-back fashion, taking as little rest as possible in between sets. Alternating sets between opposing muscle groups - such as biceps and triceps/chest and back - greatly increases intensity. When you train one muscle group, the other is recovering (sometimes even being stretched) as you complete the set. With two muscles or muscle groups being worked, more blood is pumped into the area.

Tri-Sets - Doing three sets in a row for the same body-part with as little rest...

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