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What is Muscle Memory?

According to the bro-science definition, muscle memory is when a person is able to quickly gain back muscle mass that's been lost due to injury or layoff.

Maybe it took a guy years to build 15 pounds of muscle, then that muscle was lost because he quit training or got hurt. When he gets back into the gym, he seems to build that 15 pounds back at a much faster rate than it initially took to build it.

Like a lot of bro-science, this is actually true. Experienced gym bros usually figure things out before the scientific studies are done. Science often just confirms it or figures out the exact mechanisms involved, which is cool.

Now, a new study confirms that muscle memory exists at a DNA level, but the implications of this discovery are controversial.

The Study

Researchers at Keele University took a look at 850,000 sites on human DNA. They figured out that when muscles grow after training, genes get marked or unmarked with chemical tags, a process known as epigenetic modification. The chemical tags instruct the gene to turn off or turn on without changing the DNA itself.

Dr. Adam Sharples sums it up: "...we've demonstrated the genes in muscle become more untagged with this epigenetic information when it grows following exercise in earlier life. Importantly, these genes remain untagged even when we lose muscle again, but this untagging helps 'switch' the gene on to a greater extent and is associated with greater muscle growth in response to exercise in later life, demonstrating an epigenetic memory of earlier life muscle growth."

The Controversy

Okay, so muscle memory exists and now we know a little more about how it works. And it's comforting to know that we can indeed make a faster comeback after an injury or even a years-long layoff due to this phenomenon.

So what's the big deal? Well, it has to do...
I have been doing this for a few years now ,try it out you can even mix it with your protien shake.

The Olive Oil Shooter

Extra virgin olive oil is a heart-healthy cancer fighter. It's actually one of the few foods allowed by the FDA to claim health benefits on the label. But that's not why we're interested in it for this article. We like it here because it's calorically dense, containing about 120 calories per teeny-tiny serving.

Just get yourself a standard shot glass — a "single," or 1.5 ounces. Now fill it with extra virgin olive oil and toss it back. Do that three times in one day and you'll add 900 squeaky-clean calories to your daily intake.

You can't beat the convenience — those 900 calories take you maybe five seconds to prepare and consume. As an added bonus, those calories leave you feeling as if you haven't eaten anything, which makes them perfect for skinny guys who undereat because they just aren't hungry enough.

Now, is this a pleasant experience? Well, it's not too bad. Using "extra light" olive oil can help if you don't like the flavor ("light" in this case means light in flavor, not in calories; oil is oil, no matter how it looks or tastes), but it helps to just slam it down without thinking too much about it.
Ok it's leg day let's hear it,my legs grow fast and too big (have to buy bigger waste size to get up past my quades)so my leg day is simple and sweet.

3 sets of 10-12
Leg press
4 sets of 12
Hack squats
3 sets of 10
Seated and standing calf
5 sets of 15
Leg extensions and curls
5 sets of 10
And every other time
In and outs
7 sets of 15
Muscle tissue only recruit fibers he needs to get job done..so

Have always some compound movements

Go Heavy AND Explosive

Get Intensity High Level

With this you will hit deeply diferente muscle fibers.

Fast and slow twitch. Type 2A and many fail to hit 2B not going heavy enough – explosive and failured forced reps and then Type 1.

Aiming for size we are more concerned with Type 2 going more short and heavy.

The more fast twitch we hit more size we will get.

when we start set, 2A is recruited and used for most.

Sarcoplasm expansion happen here. membrana of cell and fluid / macro retention is optimized but inside is like balloon blowed up. We need inside to be filled to become not only diamater increased but also dense matured inside muscle cell.

What most fail to do is to struggle last reps going to failure – animalistic workout. those 2 reps we almost can not do, when seems impossible to get the rep done, is where we recruit type 2B and miofibrills inside sarcoplasm will get denser = mature dense muscle. = very solid fundation hard work.

Go heavy or go home is good philosophy here. Most athletes give up and do not hit type 2B only hit 2A.. thuis will lack part of the growth and no solid fundation will pop.

6 – 12 reps is very good specially on basic compound movements. Some short blast like 4 weeks i even got lower then 6reps if i’m feeling really animal.

Global 12 – 8reps is more suitable. Play with rest interval getting slower and fastwer when getting things heavier or intense.

Depending on muscle contente, diferente muscle grups should be hit with diferent rep range but same philosophy.

Last weeks of lean down when going kind of weak we can use more Type 1 but make sure you have at least on basic compound movement has heavy as possible to keep SIZE up otherwise you will loss volume and thasts for sure. Type 1 when stimulated make us natty produce more desired hormones but we have our arsenal for that when hit Type 1 (need more evidences but...
I know I can't be the only one cooking ,steaming,and boiling all day sunday.it takes me a good 3-4 hrs to prep 24 meals for a 6 day week,I use to enjoy it but after 10 years of it ,chore is how I describe it.
It's the only way I'll get 4 solid clean meals Ed and 1-2 shakes ,so it's worth it but does anyone really enjoy it?
Give me your ears!!!!!!!!!!

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Testosterone PhenylPropionate - 100mg/ml 10ml/vial EP

Condition: New product
Chemical Name:Testosterone PhenylPropionate
Comes In: 10ml vial - 100 mg/ml
Dosage: 50-200mg/day
Active time:3-5 days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

Dosage may range from 50mgs to 200mgs 3 x a week

This Testosterone ester is between a short and long ester having a half-life of 4.5 days thus the reason users employ 3 x weekly injections to better assure more stable blood levels, in fact users claim this ester to be superior to the most common Testosterone Propionate..User favor this over its relative ester propionate for many reasons and state a greater sense of well being, more alpha with steady and stable gains.
Just love seeing how different every one is with there gear.
Now im on
150 mg tren ace Ed
150 mg mast prop Ed
350 mg test prop a week
10 iu hgh Ed
50 mg winny Ed
100 mg proviron Ed
150 mcg t4 ed

Gonna do a lean bulk in a mth or so with deca ,test cyp,dbol ,HGH, slin not sure of the dose yet.

[h=1]Testosterone Isocaproate[/h]

Dosage may range from 100mgs to 300mgs 2 x a week (or every 7 days with it's 9.0 half life)

This Testosterone ester is between a short and long ester having a half-life of 9 days thus the reason users employ 2 x weekly injections to better assure more stable blood levels but most can get away with once every 7-8 days, in fact users claim this ester to be superior to the most common Testosterone cypionate although they are extremely similar in with half lives and both being a testosterone..User favor this over its relative esters for many reasons and state a greater sense of well being, more alpha with steady and stable gains.
Like most mid to long esters that are well known for minimal site irritation, this ester has a stellar reputation for providing more comfort,less pip thus making it a superior alternative one a user is seeking a fast and immediate response with their cycle kick in time as many claim it fires quickly unlike most min and long esters. This creates a greater platform hosting many advantageous reasons to employ this agent over Testosterone...