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Test e 400
Sust 400
Npp 200
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Things have been crazy as always here but I wanted to take a minute to thank M.Man and BHP!! A buddy of mine needed some asap and Blue Ridge came thru beautifully!! And blessed me as well.Ive never tried Sdrol before.It was the only oral I've never tried.Ive only been on since for 5 days and feel my muscle getting tighter already!! My back is pumped as much as it can!! I can wait to see and FEEL the results over the next few weeks.And the Sust is on point too!! Ill post more over the next few weeks as I try and get my life back to normal..
.whatever that is!!!
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Just a positive note to start everyones week off .I hope all of you have a great Monday and work week.Get those gains and enjoy life to the fullest!!!
Could not stand it had to share how purty!
Although things take a little longer, but we're almost ready.

As you guys can see all products are with new labels, hologram, and except DNP all products will be tablets.

Thank you for your patience.
By wensday the 12th we will be stocked labled and ready to ship
I get angry and just pissed off alot about how people in the everyday world act(like brains are working anymore) so I'll vent at end of the day and I'll feel better about the world .so if u have something piss you off post it and get it off your chest.

My first addition
Ignorant drivers ,u know them doing 45 in a 65 mph zone,no turrning signals,change lanes 10 times a mile ,or stop in middle of road with no reason it's a every day event anymore and I want to know if these people get there DL out of a box of cracker Jack's !!!
Been off orals except proviron 5 days now and only test cyp 400 mg a week next 20 days.clearing myself out for my first run of tren hex.i have enough raws to run it at 500 mg a week for 14 weeks ,wanna see what all the excitement and price tag is about.If I like it tren hex will be added to our line up .
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