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Connect the dots— a child’s game where a random-appearing collection of darkened circles on paper suddenly generates a favorite cartoon character or animal when the dots are connected by a pencil line in proper order. Innovation in science is a game of “connect the dots.” Clinical trials look primarily at outcome and results, while the real “sexiness” of research is finding out why and how, rather than what.

Bodybuilding represents the epitome of “what” science. For generations, a lore of training, nutrition, supplements and drugs has evolved from the combined experience of tens of thousands, maybe as many as a million bodybuilders— who have tried, tracked, studied and in some cases, suffered from being an “experiment of one” or “human guinea pigs,” as some refer to the iron culture. Only in the last decade or so has basic and abstract science come forward to attempt to determine the “why and how” of bodybuilding. Some scientists refer to bodybuilding lore as “broscience” in a condescending manner, perhaps to generate a YouTube persona, provide the gratification of self-grandeur or to resolve a deep-seated belief that they have always disappointed their father.

Unfortunately, there is very little direct research into bodybuilding, but related research can be applied if there is enough familiarity with the topic to recognize when seemingly disconnected findings are published. This paper may represent such an apocalyptic revelation. For the record, apocalypse is not a term of catastrophe or end times, but discovery as it translates to “lifting of the veil.”

Water Retention

One adverse effect of testosterone use and misuse is edema— particularly, dependent edema— a condition more common in older men.1 Edema means water retention, and dependent refers to water retention “toward the ground” like when you can see the imprint of your socks around your ankles after you take them off. This is a sign of fluid retention, often associated with elevated sodium and...
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If you were given the chance to wake up and the Gear Fairy grant you the wish of having a former Mr.O's physic which would you choose?
For me it's Frank Zane!!!! I know he was far from the mass monster most want but he had the best Symmetry of any IMO!!!! How bout you?????
Myself and all my BRP crew wish all of you a very blessed,fun,and safe turkey day .spend time with friends and family don't miss out on it ,every year my family is together maby 1-2 times tops ,and I hate that but it makes our time together fantastic.love all of happy turkey day!!!
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Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are drugs that lower estrogen levels by stopping the aromatase (enzyme in fat tissue) from changing testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen promotes the growth of breast epithelial cells, aka grows gynecomastia. It does this by binding and activating the estrogen receptor. The problem is that estrogen does not discriminate between normal healthy cells and cancerous cells. From this we can see the importance of AIs in the medical world. They are key in interrupting the development and progression of breast cancer. Today, AIs are the first line of treatment for tumors in the breast.

They are used by many bodybuilders to increase muscle growth and strength. They do this while allowing them to burn fat at the same time. AAS are structurally related to testosterone, and therefore most convert to estrogen.

As a result, males that have a high amount of estrogen in the body can develop gynecomastia. Gynecomastia or “bitch tits” is male breast enlargement with lumps behind or under the nipples. This is where Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) come in. When a steroid user uses an aromatase inhibitor, they are able to keep their estrogen levels down and prevent gynecomastia.

Types of AI’s

We are currently on the third generation of aromatase inhibitors. Each generation has been associated with a better ability to specifically bind to the aromatase enzyme, fewer negative side effects, and greater suppression of the aromatase activity.