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It's here guys bids start at $200 and please bid in $20 increments.Alot of great product here auction starts today 12/14/18 ends 12/24/18 midnight eastern time.
Out of my personal stash
1)30 amps of omnadren pharmacy amps 250 mg each(legit from manufactor)

2)100 tabs 30 mg anavar tabs (lab tested )

3) 2 vials of npp 200 my 10 ml. BRP

4)3 vials of test base 100 mg 10 ml BRP

5)30 tabs 1 mg adex BRP

6)100 tabs tbol 20mg BRP

The winner of contest will also receive a %18 discount on ,one order if they wish to get more gear ,I will honor this discount till March 25th 2019

Ok guys get those bids in ,this is a value of $670 and it ships domestic so no customs.


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for List & Orders
Just been sick pretty bad plus can't really rest because I take care of my wife plus my car is down.
So yeah been pretty shitty around here at the moment.
Just wanted to check in while I still have a bit of energy but will hopefully be back as soon as these antibiotics start working.
Hopefully you guys get in on the auction and get yourself some real good stuff no bunk junk here !!
BBS everyone.

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Questions can be asked at the same email.

Also if promotional items are chose please make a note a the bottom of O email

Promo 2 test e etc

Merry Christmas everyone,how ever you celebrate this holiday brp wishes you a blessed ,warm,and relaxing christmas.spend time with your loved ones ,show and tell them how important they are to your life.Thankz to all our customers and fans,and big thank you to Aton and admin. For making our stay here so wonderful.
I'm trying to add at least one special item to the brp auction,just hope we have some good bids this time ,esp if I dig I to my pharma stash
Just finished my protonmail so if I missed your please pm me guys,sorry no signal or wifi on the side of the mountain I'm working this week.
Christmas came early this year on Ashop.club
We are starting our annual Christmas Sale Promotion that will run for a limited time, so you should hurry up to get the best prices for this season.

We now offer you up to 50% discount = 30% for every paid order + 20% off if you pay using BitCoin
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*Promo expires 26 december 2018
*Bulk deals included
Quick and snug as a pup
Just noticed the blur

My part of the mountain is getting 20-25 inch of snow between now and Monday night ,I will be on shift full time till then so any ? Or problems with brp please contact ZILLAGRAYBEARD he can reach me 24/7 no matter where I'm at
Thanks guys stay safe and warm